About Us -


Our Mission

"Nourishment for a Healthy Life"

Mae-Mart Farms Ltd. is a family-owned Canadian farm seeking to honour God by producing top quality agricultural products that provide the fundamentals of life for humanity and aid the betterment of your health and the stewardship of our planet. We believe that it is only by God's provision and grace that Mae-Mart Farms has continued in agriculture for 7 generations and we trust in God's faithfulness for our future.

Our Vision

The vision of Mae-Mart Farms Ltd. is to grow into a self-sustaining agribusiness ensuring our products always exceed quality and care standards. We believe that as stewards of what God has given us it is our responsibility to use our resources wisely. We seek for each of our employees to feel they are a part of our family and that together we can help each other to reach our personal and professional objectives.

Our Goals

Mae-Mart Farms seeks to fulfill our Vision by achieving these three goals.


1. Maintain safe, efficient and responsible operating procedures




2. Achieve a unified and effective team




3. Lower cost of production




Ensuring we use the highest care in food safety, equipment safety, animal care and environment responsibilities in our daily operations as good stewards and caregivers of what God has given us.

Endeavouring for each team member to understand their importance, responsibilities and objectives as part of the Mae-Mart Farms team and for each employee to continue to achieve growth and development in their position.

Striving to be efficient in all our operations to ensure that we are making wise use of our resources.

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